"The Wall"    


     Inside the city of Jerusalem, on the west side of the city, is the place of the wailing wall. Jews go there to pray daily but not only Jews, people from all over the world come yearly to this place. They leave prayers written on paper in the crakes of the wall and they also leave their requests. This page is for your requests. People come here every day and pray over these requests. Contact us through email or go to our guest book and leave your request. I will post it as you send it so if you do not want your name posted, let me know in the request.

     Since a very large part of this ministry is Healing we want to dedicate this page to those people in need of prayer. Surely, if He sees the Sparrow and He knows the number of hair in my head, we are important enough to Him to be mentioned, in need of a touch.

Matthew 18:19- If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything, that they shall ask, it shall be done for them.

            It's hard to get any more simple than that and we believe it just like it is written. Leave your address and phone and we will send you a copy of our newsletter.                         Tandlmin@aol.com

     We are praying for finances into the ministry. It is hard to raise support when the economy is a mess and all you hear on TV is prosperity. God owns it all, and ours will come. 

     Bill Horn - Needs court battle to end. (They are making a decision now) Liver problems, needs a miracle

     My kids - Salvation     Rachels Family - Salvation

     Randy Camp - Salvation for his kids

     Myself - God will give me my anointing back, finish healing my throat and allow me to sing again. We are looking for a place to live, we have to move they are selling this house. Helpppppppppppppppp

     This Ministry - Open Doors, Souls

Teresa Cost - A completed miracle   Sue Cost - Neck-Tests on her stomach to be made easy, find the problem  

Don Cost - Arthritis in his hands. We pray that God blesses his business above and beyond anything he has ever seen.

     Herb & Edie - A touch from God, strength

     Pray for all our friends in Arkansas. God has blessed us to meet       these wonderful people that have made us a part of their families.

       Ronnie Horn - Sugar

     The Churches and the Pastors where we book

     America and our Government

              Sept. 15 - I was very blessed today to be able to talk to a man I have not seen in maybe 25 years. I knew him in Florida. It was a thrill to see how God has touched our lives and the things we see happening in "The Body." More than once today we talked about the attack on the church and most especially, ministers. How Preachers of the Gosple are falling away and missing the mark because of the attack. Lets pray for our Ministers, Pastors, Teachers, Elders, Bishops, Evangelists. More than ever before we need to bind together and agree to WIN. It's not about denomination, it's about God.

     Also:  Vanessa - under attack ( This is a fight the devil is not going to win.)

   Preacher friend - Laroman Green - For  the decisions he is about to make. For guidance. (God I speak a "NEW THING" on my brother. Above and beyond anything he has ever dreamed or imagined.)                                                   

     Darlene (In Georgia) Colon cancer, has a family, needs a mircle


                      Marla Jenkins - Health and financial (Children)  

     Marina Johns - Her and her husband want children

     Yates family, Georgia - Get TV station up and running, healing for his wife.    

     Singing Doutts - Evangelistic team from Tn. Good friends of ours. Needs a financial breakthrough. New motorhome.  

Joyce Quince & Betty - Healing and salvation for both