Just a couple lines to let people know we are still alive, and a little about what God is doing.

     We are trying to put out a newsletter every three (3) months, and so far this year it is working out well. We sent out a letter for January-March and I now have another one ready for mailing.

     The last letter we put out last year we mentioned how we needed a new piano and a set of tires on our vehicle. In about three days, I had a check for a new piano on my desk and someone came by and took my SUV to the tire store and bought four (4) new tires for us.

     Our January newsletter mentioned that we needed a new printer, copier. We needed one that would do our letters and print my books plus do pictures if needed. Same thing. In about a week the check was lying on my desk. A minister friend of ours felt led to buy us a new printer and we really got a nice one. God is so good. He has never failed us. Thank you for hearing from God. So many don't.