Ministry International Inc.



                 I do not feel that any website concerning ministry would be complete without some show of accountability.

         There are to many loose cannons running around preaching and teaching things to make you feel good or even better things to pad their bank accounts.

     I am an Ordained Bishop with an organization whose head office is in Powell, Tn. Ministry International Inc. is just what it says. It is an Internationally recognized ministry with Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, and Preachers world wide.

    Under the leadership of Dr. Tony Slay, Ministry International Inc.has grown from one mans vision, to minister to ministers, to a world wide organization with Bible Schools in Africa and in India.

    I am honored to be associated with people like Dr. Slay. He has been a blessing to our home our family and to our ministry. He is a great friend and a mighty man of God.

     I am going to link us to the MII website and when I get a little more information I am going to ad a page about the Bible School.

     If your church or organization is looking for a Bible School program, this is one of the best. Call us and I will place you in touch with Dr. Slay or when we get them linked in, just click and go.

     Keep MII in your prayers as Dr. Slay is traveling all over the world with the message of a risen Savior.