These are "The Generals"

Some of the greatest prechers I have ever known


            My Dad was a preacher most of my life and for the biggest part was an evangelist traveling around the country. I remember that every time one of those big tents came our way, here we would go. I heard and saw great things in those days and some of it I will never forget.

              AA Allan was my favorite. We saw him many times. What a tent he had. I am adding a few things I have of Bro. Allans and I am putting the names of the men I think were "The Generals."

            As soon as I get the links I am going to put these as links to their websites, where there is one. Never forget these great men of God. Many wonderful things happened under their ministry and most of them are gone now. Every time we remember them, they live again.    


            These are a few of the Miracle Magazine ads ran back then. Click on the picture and you will be able to read it.


                                                                A list of  "The Generals"   

            AA Allan (Gone Home)    

                Smith Wigglesworth (Gone Home)

            Jack Coe Sr. (Gone Home)                    

                Oral Roberts (Alive)                    

            Jack Coe Jr. (Gone Home)                      

                TL Osborn (Alive)

            RW Shamback (Alive)                                         

                Earnest Angley (Gone Home)

            TD Jakes (Alive)                                                            

                Rod Parsley (Alive)

            Jimmy Swaggert (Alive)                                       

                Dwight Thompson (Alive)

                 Kenneth Hagen (Gone Home)               

                Kenneth Copeland (Alive)

                 Benny Hinn (Alive)                                                   

                Kathryn Kuhlman (Gone Home)

                 John Hagee (Alive)                                                     

                Joyce Myers (Alive)

                 WV Grant Sr. (Gone Home)                           

                WV Grant JR. (Alive)

                     Leroy Jenkins

                       David Terrell


       Because their name is here does not mean that we agree with their doctrine or that we go along with all they teach or preach. We recognize them as fighting on the front lines in this end time battle. Whether we agree with all they say or not does not mean that we can not pray for these men. Out ministry is small and I know the preasure we are under. Pray for these ministers and if you know one that we need to put on here, let me know, if I have heard of them, I'll ad it. Thanks for your prayers.